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Acting with integrity and respect, the Help Japan Recover Foundation is committed to the long-term goal of helping the people of Japan rebuild and heal after the earthquake and tsunami tragedy that devastated the country on March 11, 2011.

HELP JAPAN RECOVER FOUNDATION was established by actress, singer and author, Eriko Tamura, in order to put resources into the hands of those that are suffering most in the wake of this catastrophe.

All donations made to the Help Japan Recover Foundation will be used to help the people of Japan and for no other purpose. None of your donations will be used to cover administrative costs. All work is done by volunteers and all administrative costs are paid for personally by the founder.

James Wong James Wong
Director James Wong reaches out to the people of Japan.
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Tyler Labine
Actor Tyler Labine
sends a message of hope.
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James Kyson Lee
Actor James Kyson Lee
lends his voice to the cause.
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A MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER I am Eriko Tamura and I'm from one of the affected areas next to Fukushima, where the nuclear reactor is leaking radiation. My father's house was severely damaged by the massive quake that struck Japan on March 11th and For three long and agonizing days, Read More

Tyler Labine James Kyson Lee James Kyson Lee